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The new children´s library added an exciting interactive section to the Toy Museum´s permanent exhibition. In between a Persian rug, a leather sofa, a canopy and piles of cushions, we invite you to delve into adventurous stories, browse through storybooks or treasures from our depot that already amazed children in the past. In the oriental fairy tale alcove you will feel like Sindbad the Pirate or Princess Scheherazade in Thousand and One Nights.  

Matching the theme, the topic of „reading“ will from now on also be part of our event programme: On every first Thursday of the month, the pictures from a story are presented as the backdrop on a foldable stage for the storybook theatre.  While the storyteller reads the adventure, he shows one backdrop after the other on stage. During the storybook cinema, which takes place on every third Thursday, illustrations are presented similar to a slideshow, on a big screen on the second floor of the Toy Museum. This way, many children can listen to the storyteller at the same time, while everybody can enjoy the pictures with a clear line of sight. And, because we do not want to miss out on the classic reading out loud and listening, our reading granny Annemarie visits the Toy Museum twice a month to read to big and small story fans from changing children´s books.