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Toy Blocks, Bricks, Wooden Blocks!

since 13 MARCH 2021 

Welcome to the World of All-rounders!

Toy blocks, bricks and wooden blocks are only a few representatives of the big building block family, on which this special exhibition is based. All of them have the special talent: versatility. Looking at a single block, their flexibility is not visible. But when in a group, the blocks show their multitude of forms all over the world – as houses, towers or entire palaces. It does not make a difference if we are in a childrenʼs room or on a construction site. Architectural masterpieces and fantastic game worlds also come on a small scale. We invite you to discover them in our special exhibition and to create your own! With creativity and some skills a single building block can turn into whatever you want it to be.

curators: Mag. Karin Rachbauer-Lehenauer und Mag. Katharina Ulbing