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Roll it!

10 Nov 2018 to 4 Oct 2020

Whether for pulling along, pushing or riding, moving toys have always made children’s hearts beat faster. So in our special exhibition “ROLL IT!” a whole world on wheels is waiting for you.

Join the discovery tour: wooden scooters, sliding boards and other vehicles are all lined up to roll you merrily through the exhibition. Find out how you can get your own body moving in play, and how even Nature makes use of the concept of rolling.

Test your skills with a marble on the moveable play table, get your own self-made toy car moving, or join in a race with Matchbox cars. An adventurous race track in the exhibition leads you through tunnel and gate. And if you don’t want to drive yourself, you can watch the mega toy railway doing its rounds.

curators: Mag. Karin Rachbauer-Lehenauer und Mag. Katharina Ulbing