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Pippi Longstocking – Heroine in Stockings

16 NOV. 2019 TO 11 APRIL 2022

One of the most famous child heroines will honour us with her presence and stop off here in Salzburg: the red carpet is being rolled out for Pippi Longstocking, who is coming to the Toy Museum and presenting all the fascinating aspects of her character and appearance – whether as hand puppet, plush figure or playing card motif.
And wherever Pippi is, Mr. Nilsson and Little Old Man are naturally not far away. The animal companions crop up in all kinds of shapes and sizes and guide you to real treasures. Find Pippi’s legendary golden chest and discover genuine rarities in the Villa Villekulla. 
Test whether you are as strong as Pippi, lift Little Old Man up into the air, or practise the job of a ship’s captain on the Hoppetossa ship. Also, in the dressing-up section, you can combine articles of clothing in as colourful and wild a way as Pippi!
curators: Mag. Karin Rachbauer-Lehenauer und Mag. Katharina Ulbing